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Love, Hate, Sex, Betrayal, and Getting to the Top

Love, Hate, Sex, Betrayal, and Getting to the Top

If you’ve been watching the events in Washington, DC for more than a day, you’ve noticed that people will go to great lengths in getting to the top. No, this is not meant to be a political article but sin city is often less interesting than Washington, DC.

Getting to the top used to be just plain competitive.

People worked hard to make a name for themselves and most of the time they were eventually promoted. Yes, there were acts of betrayal especially when someone badmouthed or threatened to expose a love affair in the office. Yes, there was sex involved that was usually the reason for blackmailing one or both parties. There has always been disliking or hate in work environments. But these days, it seems to be more prevalent and having love, hate, sex, and betrayal going on in your company when you’re getting to the top can be a huge buzz kill.

Let’s face it, when these acts occur in Washington, DC, you kind of expect it. It’s the place where drama lives, as so eloquently portrayed in House of Cards. (I often wonder how much of it was fiction) But these acts can cripple or destroy your business.

The Roman Empire

love hate sex betrayal

For example, think about the fall of the Roman Empire and how it applies to your business.

  • The official reason for the fall was that as the Roman Empire was getting to the top, other countries were attacking its borders and slowly chipping away at its dominating position.
  • There were economic problems partially because of the use of slave labor (not paying people what they were worth) – it was crumbling from the outside and the inside.
  • The country was cut in half (silos within your business).
  • The Empire was over expanding and spending money to protect itself (spending money on marketing and advertising that isn’t working).
  • There was corruption and political instability (love, hate, sex, betrayal)
  • Invasion by the Huns, causing Barbarian attacks and allowing the Visigoth tribe into its borders (joint ventures or partnerships that look good on paper but in the end turn out to be a disaster)
  • Loss of values (how strong are the values of your country)
  • Hiring mercenaries (can’t find the right candidates to hire so hire low-cost labor from other countries as 1099s)

How strong is your business?

Can it survive acts of love, hate, sex, and betrayal as you’re getting to the top?

Whether you feel that it can or it can’t, it’s important to protect yourself today so you have a stable company tomorrow.

First, declare your values

Make sure that everyone in the company understands them and identifies with them. If they don’t, you need to hire people who do.

Second, protect your borders.

Create strong business and marketing plans that make you stand out from the crowd and keep evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Work with ethical companies, like Tridap Media, who are selective and act in your best interests. Make sure that your marketing is on target and don’t be afraid to spend money on good quality marketing consultants. They will substantially increase your ROI.

Hire employees rather than 1099s for everyday work.

When you place value in people, they have your company’s best interest at heart. Create a culture where everyone thrives. It’s the best way to retain employees. Employees are not there for the highest bidder like 1099s.

Mend silos in your business.

Teams must work together for the common good.

Develop policies up front that deal with love, hate, sex, and betrayal.

As you look at the internal workings of your company, remember that love, hate, sex, and betrayal are huge distractions and possible reasons for lawsuits. Protect your company at all costs so it doesn’t fall like the Roman Empire.


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Believability Marketing


Believability Marketing in the New Year

We coined the term believability marketing in 2018 to describe the type of online marketing that we do for our clients and for ourselves.

Marketing has been around for thousands of years and has moved pretty slowly over time. Since the 1980s, we’ve lived in a world of taglines, jingles, and slogans. They’ve worked pretty well for a long time but as we get more entrenched with social proof, the old ways of doing things just aren’t holding up for most businesses anymore.

Multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Apple, or GE have huge marketing budgets and have set the marketing standards for companies around the globe. Most companies will copy what the leaders are doing and they get mediocre results. But if you run a small to medium sized company (60% of companies are “small”), you’re going to have to shake things up in 2019 to stand out from the crowd.

It’s time to get creative, be bold, and make believability marketing work for you.

Your ideal customers want to relate to you. Nothing fake. Nothing phony. They want authenticity and transparency and don’t want to be told what you want them to hear. Today, consumers want to hear the way it really is. And for you as a business owner, it’s important that you leave the jargon and cute slogans behind and relate to your customers based on their needs, not your own.

This may sound harsh and against the grain but the reality is that consumers have been a lot savvier than marketers have given them credit. Consider that more than 50% of buyers are open to new brands that they’ve never interacted with in their purchasing decisions. These buyers are doing more research than ever before and will sometimes take weeks to make a buying decision. This is a big opening for companies who want to launch new products or for companies who want to add different items to their inventory. Once the buyer finds the product to fit his or her needs, that’s where believability marketing comes strongly into play.

For example…

Imagine that your buyer wants to buy a white t-shirt. That seems like a pretty generic item. Most companies will put the size of the shirt and the material in their ads but what would happen if a stand out company started adding the length of the t-shirt of the inch length of the sleeves? How about adding the density of the fabric or having models in different sizes wearing the shirt?

Do you think that the sale of the t-shirt would be more appealing to the buyer? Would that level of detail make the company more transparent and the product more believable? Do you think that the additional level of detail would reduce returns?

Consumers also want engagement. That’s why 300 hours of content are loaded onto YouTube every day. The upside is that it’s easier than ever to post video content to your website or social media site. The downside is that with so much content, it’s harder to find your content.

So what can you do to up your odds of being found?

First, make sure that you’re posting videos to your website and to social media sites.

Second, start a video blog (vlog).

Third, create video sales letters.

And finally, find an easy way for people to engage with your company to get the information they need to make a buying decision.

In the end, people want to know what they’re buying. Unhappy surprises aren’t good for consumers or for companies. So as you go into 2019, incorporate believability marketing into your campaigns and start tracking your sales growth.


Pat Knauer is the CEO of Tridap Media. We are innovators in online marketing, specializing in digital marketing and SEO.


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Influencer: Become One In Your Industry

Influencers tridap media

The key to building a following is to become an influencer in your industry. You know, those people who set the trends and provide such valuable information that you open their emails the moment that they arrive?

We all want to be influencers so our potential customers will find us, like us, and want to do business with us. But do you need to be Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, or Marie Forleo to make a difference in your life or business? Absolutely not.

Before the top influencers became who they are today, they started where you are. Then they increased their knowledge, innovated, and marketed like crazy until people found them. Their tribe appreciated what they had to offer and wanted more. Can you do this? Absolutely you can.

The key to any success is to choose one strategy or tactic and build it out so it becomes self-running (a process or a habit) before starting another one. Focused energy propels your ideas and actions and gives them traction to produce results.

So where do you start? Here are 3 strategies to increase your influence:

  1. Start with what’s already working.

    When you think about your daily business activities, what is working best? If you spent more time doing that, how would that impact your business? How many more customers could you reach who would be impacted or influenced by your product or service? How would that increase your reach into your community or industry?

  2. What productive activities or products that were part of your past that you’re no longer using?

    Like most companies, you probably developed new ways of doing things or developed new products or practices as your company has grown and progressed.

    Consider this…When you started your business, were there ways of doing things that you’re no longer doing? Are there older products or services that you can bring out of the archives and offer again?

    As an influencer, you prompted your customers to purchase your goods and services, even when you were relatively unknown.  Those things in your archives worked well enough to help get you where you are today. Reintroducing them can boost your revenue, increase your visibility, and bring back fond memories from those who loved your product or service. People love to reminisce.

  3. Get out there and network

    Networking can be done in person or online. But instead of looking for what you can get, ask for what you can give.

    As you give, people see you differently as someone that they can trust and it builds your likability and trust. when more people trust you they will think about you when they need what you offer. And as they trust you, they will gladly refer people to you so your influence grows. You can become an influencer without ever talking about your product or service.

Becoming an influencer in your family or community can greatly increase your business and income. By using these 3 strategies (one at a time, not all at once), you’ll find that in the very near future, you will find greater success as an influencer.


Pat Knauer is the CEO of Tridap Media. She is a digital marketing and SEO expert, changing the way that businesses perform online. She focuses on helping business owners and entrepreneurs monetize their message, maximize their leadership, and scale for growth.