Love, Hate, Sex, Betrayal, and Getting to the Top

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Love, Hate, Sex, Betrayal, and Getting to the Top

Love, Hate, Sex, Betrayal, and Getting to the Top

If you’ve been watching the events in Washington, DC for more than a day, you’ve noticed that people will go to great lengths in getting to the top. No, this is not meant to be a political article but sin city is often less interesting than Washington, DC.

Getting to the top used to be just plain competitive.

People worked hard to make a name for themselves and most of the time they were eventually promoted. Yes, there were acts of betrayal especially when someone badmouthed or threatened to expose a love affair in the office. Yes, there was sex involved that was usually the reason for blackmailing one or both parties. There has always been disliking or hate in work environments. But these days, it seems to be more prevalent and having love, hate, sex, and betrayal going on in your company when you’re getting to the top can be a huge buzz kill.

Let’s face it, when these acts occur in Washington, DC, you kind of expect it. It’s the place where drama lives, as so eloquently portrayed in House of Cards. (I often wonder how much of it was fiction) But these acts can cripple or destroy your business.

The Roman Empire

love hate sex betrayal

For example, think about the fall of the Roman Empire and how it applies to your business.

  • The official reason for the fall was that as the Roman Empire was getting to the top, other countries were attacking its borders and slowly chipping away at its dominating position.
  • There were economic problems partially because of the use of slave labor (not paying people what they were worth) – it was crumbling from the outside and the inside.
  • The country was cut in half (silos within your business).
  • The Empire was over expanding and spending money to protect itself (spending money on marketing and advertising that isn’t working).
  • There was corruption and political instability (love, hate, sex, betrayal)
  • Invasion by the Huns, causing Barbarian attacks and allowing the Visigoth tribe into its borders (joint ventures or partnerships that look good on paper but in the end turn out to be a disaster)
  • Loss of values (how strong are the values of your country)
  • Hiring mercenaries (can’t find the right candidates to hire so hire low-cost labor from other countries as 1099s)

How strong is your business?

Can it survive acts of love, hate, sex, and betrayal as you’re getting to the top?

Whether you feel that it can or it can’t, it’s important to protect yourself today so you have a stable company tomorrow.

First, declare your values

Make sure that everyone in the company understands them and identifies with them. If they don’t, you need to hire people who do.

Second, protect your borders.

Create strong business and marketing plans that make you stand out from the crowd and keep evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Work with ethical companies, like Tridap Media, who are selective and act in your best interests. Make sure that your marketing is on target and don’t be afraid to spend money on good quality marketing consultants. They will substantially increase your ROI.

Hire employees rather than 1099s for everyday work.

When you place value in people, they have your company’s best interest at heart. Create a culture where everyone thrives. It’s the best way to retain employees. Employees are not there for the highest bidder like 1099s.

Mend silos in your business.

Teams must work together for the common good.

Develop policies up front that deal with love, hate, sex, and betrayal.

As you look at the internal workings of your company, remember that love, hate, sex, and betrayal are huge distractions and possible reasons for lawsuits. Protect your company at all costs so it doesn’t fall like the Roman Empire.


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