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How to Get Off of The Business Hamster Wheel

Digital marketing experts Washington DC

For years, I ran at full throttle, running through life like I was on a hamster wheel. I was running a business, marketing it, going to multiple networking events a week, doing cold calls, and spending lots of money on with marketing agencies who promised to give me more qualified leads than I could handle (and didn’t deliver).

I had to find another way. I got into business so I could spend more time with family and friends and to bring more income into my home so we could have the lifestyle that we really wanted. Instead, my job and business ran me instead of me running it. Does this sound familiar?

It was time to find another way. That’s when I found digital marketing.

The term digital marketing kind of confused me. I didn’t understand what it was or how I was going to get business from it. If you’re like me then continue reading because, as a digital marketing expert Washington DC, I’m going to give you a snapshot of how you can make your website work for you.

Fun fact: Did you know that 74% of people turn to the Internet to find what they want or need? This makes your website one of your most valuable assets and business tools. The first 5 companies that people find get the bulk of the business. In fact, right now they are getting about 2/3 of the business in your category. If people aren’t finding your website or clicking on your business in their Google searches, then you’re losing money. Every day.

That’s the foundation behind digital marketing and search engine optimization or SEO. Get more organic traffic, which means that people find your company using search engines rather than paying for it. Get more people to look at your website (that’s called impressions). Get people to read information about your company and how it can solve their problems with valuable, consumable content. And get people to click somewhere on your website to get further information or buy what you’re offering.

Sounds simple right?

Every day I talk to business owners who are attempting to do some or all of these steps themselves. Adding one more thing can keep you on that hamster wheel.  The problem is that they’re also running businesses and can’t keep up or are doing it poorly. What keywords should they use? What type of content should they post and how often? Do they use stock photos or custom photos? How do they get people to visit their website? And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Is it really worth your time to figure this out on your own?

Some companies have hired an employee to do it for them. If you own a business, would you rather pay a salary plus benefits for an employee or use the money to hire a part-time salesperson?

Once we talk, many choose to hire a digital marketing expert Washington DC like Tridap Media. Oh, and incidentally, when you read digital marketing expert Washington DC, I haven’t forgotten the word “in”. Part of digital marketing involves using keywords. Keywords are the terms that people are typing into a search engine’s search bar. When you type in digital marketing experts, if you’re in Washington, DC the search engine will frequently put the Washington DC in for you so that’s why I’m using that keyword. It’s so you’ll find Tridap Media easier.

Digital marketing changed the way that I marketed my other business in so many ways.

It got me off of the hamster wheel.   Now I work with awesome business owners who are ready to get off of the hamster wheel and use multiple forms of effective marketing, starting with optimizing their websites (getting them found).

After years of paying other digital marketing experts to do digital marketing for me and not getting the results I wanted, I became one of the top digital marketing experts Washington DC.

Let us help your business grow by getting your business more organic traffic, impressions, and clicks.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel.

Go to to get your free website analysis. It won’t cost you a cent to find out why your competitors are getting more business than you.


Pat Knauer is the Co-founder of Tridap Media, LLC. Since 2002, she’s helped small to medium sized business develop customized marketing strategies to get more visibility and build credibility with Corner Office University ( To contact Pat and the team, call 386-490-8079.

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Believability marketing, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

Believability marketing

Believability marketing, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.  You will hardly ever hear these are three phrases together, yet savvy online marketers have realized that each is as important as the other. You probably know what search engine optimization and digital marketing are so this article will focus on believability and how you can make your marketing conform to this new concept.

The easiest way to describe believability marketing is as a form of marketing that will make users trust in your products or services based on what they see on your website. Today’s users have become extremely smart. They can see marketing coming at them from a thousand miles away and they are eager to dodge it. They’re simply too jaded to listen to every marketing message that is pushed to them. They have built barriers around themselves.  They only pay attention to marketing that is believable and that they can connect with.

This means that even as you start your digital marketing campaigns, this has to be at the top of your mind. You can get ranked for the best keywords in your niche but if users click on your link they find content that doesn’t resonate with them, they will quickly move on to the next link. Believability marketing means that you have to find a way to connect with users. You need to know who they are and what they want in terms of your product and your niche. How can you do that?

Provide detailed explanations

Have you ever seen products that claim to do big things and then ask yourself how they can possibly do that? The marketer who created that message has already lost you because you asked yourself one important question.  How does that possibly work? The same goes for your products and services. You should always keep in mind that these things are not always so clear to everyone. You must provide a clear, concise explanation of your service, your products, how they are used, and what their benefits are.

Be able to back up your claims

If you are not able to back up the claims that you make in your digital marketing strategy it is not believable. Believability means that whatever you are claiming can be done or achieved. The better your product is, the more believable the claims should be. You should craft a marketing message that goes to directly support your claims. It should be very clear on your website so customers can see results for themselves without necessarily having to buy your product.  This is the easiest way to turn prospects into buyers and is the foundation of believability marketing.

Another reason to back up your claims is to keep your reputation intact.  When users realize that you don’t deliver as promised, they will write bad reviews. The opposite can also happen – if they try out your product and it works as you claim they will be happy to let everyone know. They will also come back and buy from you again and again.

Show users a torture test

Torture tests are popular in the car industry.  Manufacturers create them to show that their vehicles can withstand even the toughest of conditions. Can your product withstand a torture test or two? If it can, it buys you believability from users. It shows them that they are dealing with a quality product.

Have a visual demonstration on your website

Videos have proven to be extremely popular in recent years and with good reason. Users like videos to demonstrate the details of different products.  Sellers can use them to show what the different products can do. Search engines are also rewarding videos by ranking websites that have them higher. Take the time to make a few videos that demonstrate the best way to use your products and what kind of results users can expect.

Show solid statistics

Users like statistics.  Document some research and find numbers that back your product or service. Use data from reliable sources so your claims can be backed up.

Do what you say you’re going to do

Your customers want to know that if they do business with you that you will deliver on time and at the price quoted.  They want to believe that you have the product or service that you’re promising to deliver.

Customers want to believe that your company is trustworthy. Believability marketing uses tools and strategies to prequalify a buyer before the sale takes place.  To learn more about how you can increase your believability and credibility, contact us at 386-490-8079 or by email at


Tridap Media, a top digital marketing firm, specializes in believability marketing and getting our clients more sessions, impressions, and clicks. Want to see how your business can get more visibility, credibility, and growth? Get a FREE website analysis by visiting


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What to Look For in a Good Digital Marketing Firm

Digital Marketing Firm

When search engine optimization was first introduced it was meant to level the playground for all businesses. It didn’t matter how much money a business had. It was not going to reap a bigger online market unless it followed the new optimization rules. This meant that all businesses had a chance to be at the top of their game, but as we all know today, only a few succeed at doing search engine optimization and digital marketing.

That is not to say that many don’t try – any digital marketer worth his salt has tried to use these strategies and only give up after they conclude that they are not working. So why do SEO and digital marketing work well for some and not others?

Finding the right digital marketing firm makes a big difference.

You may assume that any search engine optimization company you hire can get the job done. This is often not the case; you may be lucky that the first SEO agency you hire does a great job, but more often than not if you want high-quality SEO and digital marketing work, you need to find a digital marketing firm that can deliver.

How do you know that you are dealing with the right provider? Here is what you should look for:

Don’t buy into empty promises

You may come across digital marketing experts that try to buy your business by promising you that they can get your website ranked in a week or two. They may tell you that they have the tools and the tactics to make sure that your website goes right to the first page of search results. While it’s not impossible for this to happen, it’s like finding a pin in a warehouse full of cushions.

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time. It is impacted by many factors, including the age of your website, how much optimization had gone into it before your current campaign, what niche you are competing in, what your competitors are doing, and more.

It will take at least a few months before you are able to see any significant results. If your website is brand new it can take more than a year. In other words even as you go forward to hire a digital marketing firm, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to see results. Adjust your expectations and get the right digital marketing firm to do the work for you.

How exactly will they help you achieve Google domination?

There are two ways that you can get to the top of search results – using black or white hat methods. Black hat methods are banned not just by Google but by all search engines – they give an unfair advantage to some websites which is how they are able to get ranked so fast.

White hat methods focus on your ideal customers, answering their questions and providing information, rather than focusing on search engines.

Black hat methods focus strictly on manipulating search engines and without considering your human audience. They also tend to violate the search engine rules. When search engines discover that you are using these strategies there is a good chance that your website will be banned for good and all your efforts will be wasted.

Find out if the digital marketing firm is a match for your business

As you talk with the digital marketing firm team members, how do you feel when you’re talking to them? Do they match the personality of your company?

The right digital marketing firm will create content, tweak your website, market to your ideal customers, and do other things that will be in alignment with your company’s culture.

Do they offer a graduated service?

When you are choosing a digital marketing firm and SEO it is a good idea to first make a list of the services that you need. Some firms offer a wide variety of services and packages and you may end up buying some services that you don’t need and will never use.

The best digital marketing firms understand that not all clients are looking for the same services. There are some that want website design. Others that want website design and content development. Some want website design, content development and backlink creation and so on. Each of these should be packaged separately so that you can choose just what you want. You can start with the simplest package and over time you can choose more and more services until you have exactly what you need.

Make sure that you agree on reporting

How will you know that the digital marketing agency is making progress unless you get regular reports? Before you hire a digital marketing firm, ask how they will get reporting to you and how often.


Tridap Media is an industry leader in digital marketing and SEO services. With extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to promote your products, brands, and services to mass audiences. With an emphasis on real-time and measurable SEO, we employ leading social media and digital marketing experts. The team includes content creation, mobile optimization, and graphic design professionals. Why settle for DIY techniques that don’t produce timely, effective and measurable results? Increase your leads, profits, and revenue with digital marketing experts that handle everything you need. With the latest, innovative, cutting-edge technologies, Tridap Media helps your business grow and flourish.